Character Creation

The character creation stages are starting, so, for all those wishing to become writers, now is probably the best time to jump in!

There will be 10 sessionists (writer or writer artist teams), each in control of a single 10 player session.

To become a sessionist, you will first have to register you session:

Each session will need a sessionist (writer or writer/artist team), and a name and symbol (Greek alphabet), optional additions; what special aspect you want, character(s), moon, rung (1-5, with 1 being closer to skaia and 5 being further) 

For an example, lets use the present only confirmed session, Zeta:

Sessionist: perspectiveFanatic
Session: Zeta ζ
Moon: Derse
Rung: 2
Aspect: Web
Character: [see below]

The character creation is a little more complicated; but in essence you follow these guidelines:

The characters first and last name goes here. remember the 4 6/7 rule
which of the sub sessions is it in. if you are not a writer simply put [session pending]
class and aspect, think really hard about this one, use google doc to find classpects
put the basic sprite here
For help use Pommy’s modus shop
both parts of the chum handle usually have something to do with the character, keep that in mind
the general idea when creating these is to base it off of some pun, or have it just generally have it have something to do with the charecter, so for example, if your charecter REALLY likes mario galaxy, maybe its the Land of Moons and Mushrooms
first who is the guardian, then a basic rundown on personality
The intro paragraph that tells us where they start in the story and who they are.
how will they develop in the story, will they? do you have any plans for these characters?

As suggested in the sessions session, you can suggest characters without running a session, and for that time being, they’ll be put in the “unconfirmed character abyss”, where session writers can pick them up if they chose too.

Other reasons for going into the abyss include ‘unfinished information’ (lack of sprites, lack of guardian lack of chumhandle, etc.) and ‘Breaking the Rules’ (more then 4 letter first names, being a troll, set as plot focus, etc.).

Any “breaking of the rules” will be pointed out by the Continuity Officer ‘perspectiveFanatic’, so you can fix them up if you so wish.

Also note that if a writer takes in a character, they have the right to change parts of it that they feel need changing.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!

Update #3 First Guardians and Important Aspects

we have decided on the basic way the First Guardian will work. It will be split into 10 parts, each based on a part of the Tree of Life. There will be 5 male pieces and 5 female pieces. The pieces will be distributed 1 to each of the 10 sessions, 

We also decided that there would be 10 “important aspects”, similar to the Time aspect and the Space aspect. 1 of each of the “important” aspect players, will be in each session. These aspects (and their special things) are;

Time: Beta Universes

Space: Creates New Universe

Web: Connects Sessions

Each session will have a special object that needs to be turned into a gate, the web players job is to hunt down these objects in each session and turn them into gates to the next session, untill theirs a full loop.

Scale: Finds Sessions Purpose

Some sessions have a purpose (like creating the green sun), The scale player discovers it.

Peak: Keeps People on Track to Purpose

Once the purpose is found, they keep everyone directed on it

Bits: Recaps Everything to Ensure Understanding by All Parties, 

Instead of an author insert doing the recaps, the bits layer does

Fold: Creates SBURB, 

Finds pieces to create sburb, then gives them to skaia, to give at the begining

Realm: Keeps Further Sessions Connected to Skaia

Sessions on rungs further from skaia, disintegrate into the void over time. the realm player stops this from happening

Flow: Determines That Everything Happening in Session Had a Cause, as Manipulating Cause and Effect Does Sometimes Cause Uncaused Things to happen

Oath: Ensures That All Events That Where Agreed on by an Oath Happen.

Story and Characters Update #2 Moons

Diagram by sovereignRobotics 

Basically each session revolves around their respective moons, and each rung has a session with a Derse, and a session with a Prospit. The dominant Prospit and Derse with the Kings and Queens are at the most inner and outer rungs respectively. Then all the other Prospit’s & Derse’s are run by ‘ministers’ that represent the royalty.

Also, since propsit and derse get their special things (skaian cloud and horror terror whispers) from being closer and further from skaia. All non dominant prospits and derses, will through other means to get this information

With prospits seeing the clouds from ponds that allow them to see to dominant prospit

And with derse’s communicating with some machine

Update on Story and Characters Thread #1

Firstly we decided that the session would work in a format that we dubbed a “Skaia System”. Basically you have 1 skaia and then you have several sessions that revolve around skaia (cosmic body that the planets revolve around themselves, has yet to be decided).

(Image above has nothing to do with Session 100). After this we decided on three rules:

Firstly; since 1 skaia means 1 home planet, all characters will be kids and not trolls/cherubs/etc.

Secondly; as to make things easier, when ever at least 2 different sessions characters are on the panel at one time, we enter a “ClusterStuck Mode”. In this mode a few of the meta rules are changed. Basically the writers/artists work together so that we get 1 picture and then 1(more) paragraph(s). This is then posted on each of the session threads as the same post (with maybe some minor changes for things like what characters are thinking (unless a character could read minds i guess))

Finally; we decided that for the purposes of keeping thing safe, each session will have 1 sessionist (writer or whiter artist team) and a back up sessionist, that works closely with the first and knows everything that’s going on. This is to make sure that if anything goes wrong in the real world. things can keep going.

Whilst doing this we also decided that each session would likely also have 10 characters each, and we’de have 10 sessions (because 10 x 10 is 100)

We then discussed how the Time/Space player would work, and our solution came as follows; 

the Skaia System will have 5 “rungs” (each of these rungs get further and further from skaia). each rung also has two sessions revolving around it (each will likely end up with some symbolic meaning later on (maybe?)) The time player and the Space Player, will be on opposite sides of the furthest rung. The most inner rung however will have the Fold and Realm players respectively (this also means we will have to at some point find purposes for these two aspects similar to that of the time and space aspects (we might also be finding purposes to other aspects (like maybe to web aspect can only exist in a session with a skaia system and their goal is to create a realization of this to other players, and maybe fold is supposed to help players unlock the ability to reach each other, etc.) if this does happen, it would likely mean each session would be limited to one of these each)

At the moment we are in the process of trying to get the moons to work without being ridiculous. A new update will be made once we figure this out.

We are also commonly trailing off onto discussing the antagonist for some reason… so if we figure that out, we’ll update you on that aswell.

100 players! how crazy as shit are you!


now, this is the extremely obligatory post about what this blog is about

We have a dream! A stupid dream! Our goal is to create a 100 PLAYER SBURB SESSION! and yes its as ridiculous a it sounds. the task of this Tumblr however is to update people interested in this on the project as well as to generally advertise.

We have already created 88 classes and 88 aspects, meaning we have a total of 100 (link here)

And we are presently running two threads on the MSPAForums that tackle different topics

Part 2 (Art and Details) (link here)

There are two goals to this thread. These are to flesh out the details and to create art for things that need it. This means thinking up Denizens and making symbols for the Aspects, etc.

Part 3 (Story and Characters) (link here)

This thread has one goal in mind. Get us to the point where we can start the adventure. This means doing some small changes to SBURB to accommodate 100 players, figuring out a basic story, and creating 100 CHARACTERS!